Houston, Texas - Shannie Ross, the independent pop songstress that is quickly becoming
an integral part of the Houston music scene, is preparing to release several new studio
endeavors this summer ahead of a tour outside of the state of Texas. Her current single, a
dynamic track entitled ‘The Low,’ features OG KIDD and elegantly combines Ross’ suave
performance style with KIDD’s powerhouse hip hop. Since its release, ‘The Low’ and its
corresponding music video have accumulated over 60,000 spins.

Ross recorded her first single at the age of
fifteen. A year later, the budding talent
exploded onto the scene with a full EP, ‘One
Six.’ When she was seventeen, she released
two singles, ‘Try’ and ‘G.O.M.F,’ both of
which turned heads in the industry and
continued the impressive growth Ross’
fanbase has had in recent years. Now at
eighteen, Ross is still developing into a
compelling and versatile artist worth
keeping close tabs on.
Ross’ prowess in the studio is matched
equally by her talent on the stage. In …